Thursday, July 31, 2014

Simple Beauty Minerals Makeup Review

I have been having more breakouts this summer due to sweating at the ballpark. Because of this, I've  been on the market for a completely natural makeup to help. I know all those nasty chemicals aren't good for my skin or my body. I came across Simple Beauty Minerals through my cousin Kayla, owner and founder of Apothekayla. Everything she uses is all natural so I knew this would be a good choice.

My main concern with using a mineral makeup was that I wouldn't have enough coverage. I need to have a smooth finish since I'm on camera a lot for my job. Surprisingly, after applying the foundation as a concealer first, then like a powder, I got more coverage and was able to cover my blemishes while achieving a natural look. 

My skin feels soft and as though I don't have any makeup on! 

I'm really happy that I'm digging these products so I can be healthier with my products! I can't wait to try more! 

Let me know how you like yours! ;)

Love, Halley May


  1. I love that you were concerned about coverage, and found our brand to work so well, especially in the heat of summer. Plus, you have the added benefit of sunscreen! Many thanks Halley; you are a doll!

  2. That's so awesome, Lisa! Glad to hear I have protection from the sun as well! Your products are amazing.. Thank you so much ☺